Our plan to multiply disciples on the University Campus

  1. We find them as freshmen: The mantra in collegiate ministry is simple: "Reach the Freshmen, Reach the World." We desire to see students commit early to the local church. In order to do this, we seek hard after freshmen during the first few weeks of the fall semester. Those who plug in during their freshman year are some of our best senior leaders. 

  2. We desire for all of our attendees to join a tribe: Tribes are small group studies of 6-10 students who meet in homes or apartments around the city. These studies are led by young or "youngish" adults purposely to foster multigenerational discipleship and interaction. These small groups are our first level of connection and commitment to The Well Church.  

  3. We desire that all who come would join The Well Church as covenant members: We believe that commitment to the local church is essential in our Christian life, and commitment requires being counted on. This lesson is part of our core values, because millennials are increasingly non-committal, especially in regards to the local church. We cannot expect them to commit to Christ's Bride when they are 30, 40, or 50+ if we don't teach them what that looks like when they are 20. This commitment requires being counted on for attendance, active service, and stewardship. 

  4. We desire that they would join our Lead Team: This is the second level of discipleship that a student would encounter during their 4 years with us. All student leaders are personally discipled by staff or adult volunteers. Our ministries are primarily student planned and led. It is our hope that upon graduation, we are able to launch these students out as leaders who are ready not only to commit to the local church, but also to lead and serve. 

  5. We desire that some would become Lead Team captains: These are the leaders of leaders. God has given some the specific gifts and skill-sets to do this effectively. We want to capitalize on those who are cut out this way and invest specifically into their lives in a way that magnifies their reach. These captains become the launching pad for future church plants as God continues to open doors and bring opportunities to us. 

  6. We desire that all who graduate give us 2 after 4: So what does this mean? We want church planting to be the passion of all who serve and worship with us. But we don't want it to be solely for those called to plant. All can play a part. We ask that all students would give God a blank check upon graduation, and would allow Him to plant them in a city where we have planted, or in a city where we have partnered with a plant in order to serve and continue to lead in a manner that is most helpful for Kingdom growth and advancement. In this, it is our desire that students begin to understand that a call to teaching, nursing, engineering, or any other vocation is a call to ministry through the Great Commission and should be leveraged as such. 

In all of this, we pursue a multiplying lifestyle of evangelism and leadership